Assessing the Quality of the Published Clinical Trial on the Effect of Herbal Products on the Improvement and Prevention of Breast Fissures in Lactating Women

Document Type : Review Article


1 Lecturer, Medicinal Plants Research Center, Yasuj University of Medical Sciences, Yasuj, Iran

2 Assistant Professor in Reproductive Health, Medicinal Plants Research Center, Yasuj University of Medical Sciences, Yasuj, Iran



Background & Aims: Assessing the quality of studies is one of the basic principles of evidence-based medicine. Using this evaluation, clinical experts can choose the best evidence among the presented evidence. Therefore, this study was conducted to evaluate the quality of reports of clinical trials published on the effect of herbal products on the healing of breast fissures in lactating women.
Methods: In this descriptive-analytical study, the databases of PubMed, Scopus, Web of Sciences, Cochrane Central, ProQuest, Magiran, and SID were searched without a time limit until November 2022. The keywords Medicinal plant, Complementary therapies, Herbal therapy, Herbal medicine, Breast fissure, Sore nipple, nipple fissure, breast wound, and their Persian equivalents were searched. Finally, 20 articles were critically evaluated with the CONSORT2010 checklist. Data were analyzed using SPSS software (version 25) and descriptive and inferential statistical methods.
Results: From the 20 reviewed articles overall compliance of the quality of the articles with the CONSORT 2010 checklist was 63.1%. The greatest weakness of the articles was in the results and other information. The total mean score was 23.5 ± 4.1 from the Consort Checklist 2010, with a score range of 13-29.
Conclusion: The quality of the reports of the reviewed clinical trials on the plants in the healing of breast fissures was moderate. The authors and staff of the journals must evaluate and criticize the articles with the standard principles designed in the valid checklists before publishing them, so it is necessary to receive enough training in this field


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