Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, October 2021, Pages 2918-3054 

Review Article

1. Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Infected Pregnant Women with Coronavirus: A Systematic Review

Pages 2918-2926

Mandana Zafari; Mohammad Taha Saadati Rad; Fatemeh Mohseni; Nasimeh Nikbakht; Zahra Kiani; Farinaz Saeidi

5. The Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling on the Empowerment of Pregnant Women Under 18 Years Old

Pages 2952-2963

Maryam Harif Nashtifani; Mahin Tafazolim; Saeed Vaghee; Amin Allah Zarei; Azam Salarhaji

6. Iranian Women's Experiences of Physical Recovery from Perineal Injuries after Childbirth: A Qualitative Study

Pages 2964-2973

Nahid Jahanishoorab; Ali Taghipour; Masomeh Mirteimori; Robab Latifnejad Roudsari

10. Predictors of Low Birth Weight among Newborns Delivered At a Referral Hospital in Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Pages 2999-3006

Awoke Girma Hailu; Abebe Alemu Anshebo; Hassen Mosa Mosa Halil; Ritbano Ahmed Abdo

13. Violence and Its Related Factors in Infertile Women Attending Infertility Centers: A Cross-Sectional Study

Pages 3023-3033

Khadijeh Omidi; Sedigheh Pakseresht; Maryam Niknami; Ehsan Kazem Nezhad Leilie; Mahsa Salimi Kivi

14. Causes of Different Types of Abortion in Women Referring To Educational and Medical Centers in Shiraz, Iran

Pages 3034-3042

Sedeghe Alipanahpour; Naemeh Tayebi; Mina Taheri; Marzieh Akbarzadeh

15. The Effect of Exercise Training through Multimedia and Pamphlet on Postmenopausal Women’s Quality of Sexual Life

Pages 3043-3049

Fahimeh Bahrami; Fatemeh Erfanian Arghavanian; Taiebeh Nekoee; Mohammad Taghi Shakeri; Mohammad Ali Sardar; Khadijeh Mirzaii Najmabadi

Case Report

16. COVID-19 Mimicking Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes and Low Platelets (HELLP) Syndrome: A Case Report

Pages 3050-3054

Helena Azimi; Nafiseh Saghafi; Fatemeh Tara; Sara Mirzaeian; Zahra Hatamian; Farzaneh Afshar Delkhah